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पावन चिंतन धारा आश्रम भारत की महान ऋषिकुल परंपरा का आश्रम है जो,                       ध्यान-साधना-तप पर आधारित है                       “राष्ट्र धर्म सर्वोपरि” के सिद्धांत में विश्वास रखता है                       धर्म, दर्शन व इतिहास का वैज्ञानिक शिक्षण देता है                       सेवा को आध्यात्मिक जीवन का प्रारंभ मानता है                       व्यक्तित्व की शुद्धता और गुणों के विकास हेतु प्रशिक्षण देता है                       कर्महीनता, अज्ञानता, अंधविश्वास व पाखंड से दूर रहने का आग्रह करता है                       अधिष्ठात्री– माँ दुर्गा                       प्रेरणा –स्वामी विवेकानंद                       प्रथम पूज्य- भारत माता                       छत्रछाया- धर्म ध्वज                       जीवन सूत्र- प्रभु नाम- प्रभु काम- प्रभु ध्यान                      



Spirituality is essentially functional............
to serve mankind is the first Step towards Spirituality & Samadhi is the last one
So come let us start with the service.

It is said, every soul on this earth is sent by God for a purpose. But only those who realise it and actualise their potential to fulfil it are true human beings and great servants of God.

About spirituality, Shri Pawan Sinha (Bhaiya Ji) believes that even an atheist can be spiritual. He has rediscovered spiritualism for himself. According to him spirituality means to study, to know and to analyse self, to perform duties, to work sincerely, to care for environment and to be patriotic. He says, “Spiritualism is more important than mere fanatic religiosity”.

He says that meditation and prayers makes a person humble, inculcates value and tolerance and develops a scientific approach. For the upliftment of the nation, economic growth alone does not make a nation rich rather values in an individual, an individual quality of life matters more, which in turn would automatically improvise the society and nation.

He firmly believes that the root cause of many of the problems faced by any society is excess of greed, depreciating values and patience in the people of that society. He suggests that peace is the ultimate solution and remedies to many a problem lie in alternative sciences, behavioural sciences like psychology, astrology which can identify the problems in an individual and improve the state of affairs.

These days, he is guiding people especially parents on their child’s future and behaviour. To everyone’s surprise he has proved with results to his credit that any change in the attitude, behaviour and destiny of a child can be achieved before he attains the age of 12. He found that brain of an individual develops mainly from conception to five years of age. So certain remedies which are homemade solutions, such as use of a particular colour, adopting particular food habits depending upon the planetary combination of that individual, use of certain metal and attitudinal change can bring desired transformation in a child.

Many problems like temper tantrums, sexual inclination at a very early age, disobedience, hyper activity, aggression, shyness, diabetes and several other diseases in children had been cured by him.

His researches also simplify the tough job of bringing up children for he has different styles of parenting in his kitty for different types of children depending upon child’s planet.

Personality analysis can be done through astrology, says Shri Pawan ji (Bhaiya Ji) adding even diseases in elders can be treated. Citing some examples, he says if mercury is in a particular position, it may invite anxiety syndrome in the person, make him hyper and the person will suffer from heart problem and lower back ache. But a small change in the food habit and behaviour can correct such things.

He asserts that astrology can be safely used to cure all ailments in children whether physical mental or psychological and to some extent in elders too. Even diagnosis of diseases can be done through astrology, he adds. According to him all diseases can be traced down to a particular behaviour pattern and there lies the remedy also. So to say, if a person is very secretive and non-transparent, he will suffer form constipation but a change in his behaviour with some other help can get rid him of the problem.

He believes that astrology is not a miracle it’s a step by step process of healing and cure. So what’s done can be undone.

Shri Pawan Sinha Ji (Bhaiya ji) who has a scientific approach towards astrology concludes that there is nothing absolute about destiny. He says:

Destiny is destined to be decided by an individual’s deeds.